3 July 2011

Prickling dream: poem

I dreamed
I stood at heaven's gate.
There was no bearded sage in white
no mystic choirs resonate.
Just a keypad and a flashing screen:
<Enter Password Here>

Oh No..
Parades of digits march in line.
Strings of letters loop and twine.
Facebook? Twitter? My mobile phone?
Or work - what about the toilet door?
Yes - I tried them all!

Oh bliss.
I'm launched to dizzy heights.
My body soars towards the light.
I'm water-borne, yet still in flight.
I am now Dolphin. I am Fish.
I surf the greatest tide.

I scrape
at living cavern walls.
My heartbeat echoes, my fins fall,
my soul yearns for where I was before.
Squeezed tight by fate, I plan escape.
Yet. Still I see the light.

Then spat
into waiting hands
that wash salt from my skin of sand.
Disbelief burns bright, then fades
as all I know is wiped; erased
but for a prickling dream.

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