3 October 2011

Voices on the wind: poem

From the crow's lofty gaze
no human trace is seen
on this rugged stone land.
No standing stone or broch,
no ancient road or field
beneath a verdant green.

Through a eucalyptus haze
nebulous sandy trails
meander the grey-blue bush
shifting their twists and lines
with the uncharted pounding
of wallaby paws and silent feet.

Across the knobby plains
beneath a relentless sun
where the grassy hummocks
cut and lodge in milky skin,
do you hear the memories
on the voices on the wind?


  1. This is really descriptive. To capture nature in a poem is really difficult.
    But what is a broch?

  2. Thanks. A broch is a neolithic fort, the remains of which are usually found in Scotland. I put it in because I love to see reminders of people who lived so long ago. However, I am not completely happy with this poem and may revise it. Mostly experimenting here!