24 April 2014

Star-struck: microstory

The light bulb fizzed and popped.
 On the ceiling, glow-in-the-dark stars spun their messages and slowly faded.
She counted each blink of her eyelids until finally, milky light draped itself blandly across the furniture.


Lights at night

3 January 2014

Smallstones January 2014: observations of a moment

Participating in the Mindful Writing Challenge: writing a 'smallstone' observation each day during January 2014


31 January

A row of ibis
hanging over
(as if hungover)
the canal railing
water spilling at their feet.

30 January

Corellas with grubby faces
snap and crack above me
I think of toddlers
hands and faces smeared in joy.

29 January

Raucous mob
from the foliage
as if I was thief
and blossoms were jewels.

28 January

Out the train window
spray-painted tags slide
in a uniformity of signature.

27 January

Raven struts
paunch rolling
Sunday best
on Monday.

26 January

A lull in the pulsing traffic is filled by bird calls.
The car rocks me faster than my heart.
The dog pants on the back seat.

25 January

Four of us on the couch
breath like wayward pistons
pumping the night with dreams.

24 January

I contemplate the length
of a mindful moment
one breath or five
the stretch of muscle
to place one foot after the other
the length of the leaf-strewn path.

23 January

A leaf suspended in web;
the clicking of paws on the path;
the papery hiss of wings
in the air just above my hair.

22 January

Trench-coat huddled
head bowed in the rain
lone ibis on the rooftop.

21 January

My day travels
parallel with dreams
colliding at the slide
of my eyelids
by the TV's flickering light.

20 January

Rain blows lightly
across my open book.
The chapter ends anointed.
The weather's lost for words.

19 January

The heat from the ground lifts the scent of cut grass. The sea-breeze laps in waves at my skin with voices from across the bay.

18 January

Tonight, Orion's belt and sword form an arrow pointing upwards. My eyes follow its direction to nothing.

17 January

The sea breeze
salted moonbeams
the sweet hint of
the neighbour's incense.

16 January

The platform seems to quaver beneath my feet. I realise it is me. My pulsing blood after running for the train.

15 January

beneath the moon
I contemplate
that often
I contemplate
beneath the moon

14 January

ibis tree
feathered fruit.

13 January

I close my eyes, not fast enough
grey belly feathers
magpie laying by the tracks.

12 January

I am neither here nor there
on the edges of the shore
feet sinking in wet sand
an hour between chores.

11 January

Not quite round
grapes, cherries, mangoes
the fruit I unpack
mimic the waxing moon.

10 January

The moon's pale face
is tinged with green
from too much spinning round and round.

9 January
The moon sulks behind cloud
a flying fox draws a circle
over my dogs and I tumbling
from the illuminated doorway.

8 January

Sipping hot tea
I slurp in
breathe out
like swimming.

7 January
There is fennel playing
reckless by the tracks
heads of gold dancing
weeds climbing on their backs.

6 January
Pigeons rise faltering
under bellies of bread
among jets, against blue
sudden elegance.

5 January
I drive over criss-crossing
iron bridge beams
eclipsing me.

4 January
I unravel cicada sounds
a steady rasping sawing
coins shuffled like cards
and a cloying tinnitus
that pulses like blood.

3 January
An insect beats
indigo wings
I swivel my head.

2 January
Her creased cheek
soft as a puppy
on my lips.

1 January
In the casuarinas
currawongs swing
on lazy hip hip hoorays
the steady gravel-crunch
of joggers
overlays the revelry
of New Year's day.